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Dream Service Company for General Services in Riyadh 
(sterilization - disinfection - insect control - cleaning - spraying pesticides) all kinds of cleaning, 
cleaning sofas, cleaning carpets,curtains, apartments and houses, 
cleaning curtains and cleaning rugs,  combating all kinds of crawlingand flying insects,
rodents and wild animals that attack homes, combating geckos, cockroaches and ants White ants, 
black ants, mice and bed bugs  . We also have a team that transports furniture, furniture, 
specialized safe carts, and cranes that lift safe furniture with warranty . 
Dream Service Company for General Services in Riyadh offers you the best service in the field of sterilization, 
disinfection, combating all kinds of insects, and cleaning service in all its cases 
(cleaning houses - apartments Villas - institutions - schools - mosques - swimming pools - 
gardens - sofas - curtains - carpets......) With the best quality, amazing prices and the cheapest prices compared 
to all other companies and a team of the best specialists and technicians in all fields to 
always strive to satisfy you and always be the best and the first. Our only goal is excellence in 
satisfying your need for us, as we provide you with our dear business, quality and accuracy, 
at the lowest prices and costs. We are waiting for you  0550197031 

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