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Coding for school is not just about the basics. To be a great coder, you need to know your way around sophisticated computer languages, so that when it <a href="">introduce coding and artificial intelligence in schools</a> comes time for an exam question on whatever project we are working on in class--from coding quizzes all across classes up through capstone projects!  

Coding for school is the best way to get ahead in your career. Learning how coding works will help you do more, create better and easier ways of doing things that can save time or money when working with technology-based projects like apps development!

Coding for school is a series of video tutorials that dive into the world of coding. The videos, created by Dataiku and sponsored by Microsoft offer an introduction to various programming languages as well as their potential uses in data analysis or business functions such those around artificial intelligence, robotics etc.. If you're interested at all in these topics then I recommend checking out this playlist!


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