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Keyboard and Mouse Basics


  • Using a keyboard
  • Using a mouse
  • Improve your computer skills

Using a keyboard

Whenever you use a desktop computer or laptop, you’ll reasonably use a keyboard. The most common kind is called a QWERTY keyboard. QWERTY represents the top row of characters on the keyboard.

What a keyboard looks like

A keyboard is for inserting information including letters, words, and numbers into your computer. You press the individual buttons on the keyboard when you typewrite.

The number keys opposite the top of the keyboard also found on the right of the keyboard.

The letter keys are in the middle of the keyboard.

The number keys to the right of the letters include representations such as the question mark and full stop. The keys that envelope the letters, numbers, and symbol keys on the left, right, and back of the keyboard help you to determine where and how you type.

Using the keys

When you open a document or click in a box to type, you can see a vertical flashing line. This is the cursor, it shows you anywhere you are about to start typing on a sheet or screen.

Pressing the shift key allows you to type capital letters and the symbols at the top brand. The shift keys are on the left and right of the console, with the shaft looking upwards.

For capital letters, hold down the shift key and hold and type the report.

For symbols at the top of the number key, press the down symbol key and then type the symbol. You can use the group key to type any symbol at the top of a key.

The "caps lock" key enables you to write in capital letters. To turn it on the rush it once and type. 


Adding spaces, moving your cursor, and deleting text


The "spacebar" puts a space between words. Press it one to put it in a spacebar.

The 'tab' key puts a bigger space connecting words. Crush it once to put the spacebar.

The 'enter' key influences your cursor down a line.

The 'arrow' keys allow you to move your cursor in all area on the page or screen - up, down, left and right.

To delete your typing you need to put your cursor to the right of the word. Press the 'backspace' switch to delete your word. The cursor will move to the left and delete as it work.


Using a mouse

There are lots of different styles of the mouse and most have left and right buttons.

To hold your mouse, stop your hand over it and put your pointer finger on the left switch and your finger remaining on the surface. The cable need to be pointing towards the computer. The mouse needs to always be in touch with a mouse mat, desk, or hardcover.


 Use your mouse to push the cursor around the screen. The cursor movement, depending on whatever you are doing on the computer. As an arrow, you use it for moving and choosing things, as a hand for matching on the link when you are on the internet and it displays an hourglass when you are waiting for the processor to make something.

Single clicking

You single click with the left mouse button to select something. Just immediately left click and then let go of the button.

Double clicking

Open information, such as a paper, by double clicking with the left mouse button. You need to double click fast, think about the ‘knock, knock’ you do at a gateway.

Drag and drop

Anchor and reduction are when you move something from one place to another. 

First pick the item with the left mouse button and keep the button touched down. Then move the mouse and the item on security will move with the cursor. When you have the cursor and item in the position you want, deliver the left mouse button.

The item will now be dropped to wherever the cursor is positioned on the cover. You use drag and drop to move things throughout your computer, such as files among folders.

Right button 

If you ever accidently click the right mouse catch, a list of computer companies will appear. To remove the list just move the mouse and single click the left switch.

Laptop trackpad or touchpad

Laptops can become a built in mouse inside the keyboard. This is operated by thumb touch. This specific surface is used instead of a mouse and needs only very small finger movements to move the cursor beyond the display screen.

Improve your computer skills

Why not develop your network skills - there are courses for beginners and beyond. These range from free online education through to training, which can lead to qualifications.

People also ask

1) What are the 4 types of the keyboard?

Different Options in Keyboards and Keypads

  • Qwerty Keyboards. Designed in the likeness of old-fashioned typewriters, QWERTY is the most common keyboard layout. ...
  • Wired Keyboards. ...
  • Numeric Keypads. ...
  • Ergonomic Keyboards. ...
  • Wireless Keyboards. ...
  • USB Keyboards. ...
  • Bluetooth Keyboards. ...
  • Magic Keyboards.


2) What are the basic keyboard functions?

List of basic computer shortcut keys:

  • Alt + F--File menu options in the modern program.
  • Alt + E--Edits choices in the modern program.
  • F1--Universal help (for any sort of program).
  • Ctrl + A--Selects all text.
  • Ctrl + X--Cuts the selected item.
  • Ctrl + Del--Cut selected item.
  • Ctrl + C--Copy the selected item


3) How can I learn to use a keyboard and mouse?

But from what I've seen from others that have made the switch to working Fortnite with a keyboard and mouse is that it takes roughly 3 months. At the 3 month point, players are usually about the same (if not better) than they were when working a controller.


4) What are the 5 parts of the keyboard and their functions?

5 Parts of a keyboard- function keys, number keys, control keys, typing keys, movement keys. function keys -The function keys in a line at the top (F1, F2, etc.) movement keys - The up, down, left-right shipping arrow keys on the lower part of the keyboard.


5) What are the major types of the keyboard?

There are four major types of Computer Keyboard used worldwide depending on their size and numbers of keys are QWERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK, and QWERTZ. But some other types of keyboards have different connectors, types and sizes are- Apple.




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