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However, in the case of non-life insurance, where the company has the right to terminate the insurance, even if the policyholder has been in good faith, cf. The Insurance Contracts Act § 5, para. 2, it must be assumed that the Insurance Contracts Act § 7 - or § 46 can be applied analogously. If the policyholder fails to correct his information in the case of non-life insurance, and the omission can be attributed to him as a gross negligence, he will then be placed with future effect, as he would have been if he had given incorrect information at the time of the underwriting and this could be attributed to him as a (grossly) negligent relationship. The issue has been extensively discussed in insurance law theory.

Section 7 of the Insurance Contracts Act only applies where the policyholder's failure to provide information can be attributed to him as gross negligence. It is not entirely clear what is meant by gross negligence in this connection. Presumably, such a relationship must have been exhibited on the part of the policyholder that his conduct must be said to be strongly approaching the area of ??intent, cf. on the concept of intent below, § 18. From practice on the question can be mentioned a city court judgment handed down on March 20, 1987 by the court in Skanderborg.

A policyholder who was a student and had a side job as a taxi driver, contacted an insurance company by telephone with a view to taking out accident insurance. In the insurance application, which was filled in by a representative of the insurance company, the position of the policyholder was stated as a student, while a box on secondary employment was not filled in.

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