There is no denying the fact that nowadays people prefer OTT (Over-the-top) platforms over conventional TV. The reason for it is that not only these platforms are much cheaper, but the content offered there is also unfiltered and caters to the creative needs of the viewer than anything else. You can activate your Amazon activation code at

It is also imperative that we are choosing the right OTT platform depending upon our budget and quality preference. And, frankly, it’s unlikely you would do anything wrong with selecting Amazon Prime Video. It not only streams some of the intriguing US-based content, but it also gives a platform to some of the worth-watching foreign films and TV Series. If you are keen on enjoying good unhackneyed documentaries such as “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers,” then there is no reason not to subscribe to Amazon Prime. Now, if you need help in setting and activating your Prime Video account, you can use the here-mentioned sites for reference.


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