Biography Essays

What is the gist of a biography essay? In a few words, it is an account of someone’s life, account of the main events, some facts, dates, etc.


Well, it sounds like writing biography essays is really boring. What is more, such biography essays will be boring to read for your teacher as well.


No, we are sure such plan is not for you. Let us explain you how to write biography essays so that not to distract from their main purpose but make them captivating and interesting to read. After you finish reading this article from, you can find several free biography essays and check to what extent they can captivate the reader.


Biography essays: where to start off


You have to start with researching the subject of your biography essay. This can be the most boring and difficult stage, but you cannot go without it. By the way, the more efforts you invest into research, the more thrilling your biography essay will be.


Start with collecting general facts: date of birth/death, place, facts about his/her family, the main events, important accomplishments, etc.


Then, try to collect as many interesting and less known facts as you can.


Biography essays: how to write


Biography essays are organized according to a standard pattern: an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. If you use standard writing techniques, be sure you will bore your teacher to death.


Try the following to write a fascinating biography essay and amaze your teacher.




Do not start with typical “Clyde Barrow was born in 1909, in Ellis County, Texas”.


Start with something like “In 1934, on a desolate road, six police officers ambushed to take life of one of the most famous gangster and his partner”.


Body paragraphs


You can make them more impressive and catchy if you simply add more unknown details and interesting facts. It can be something like “A lot of legends are told about the first meeting of Bonny and Clyde. No matter what, it is clear that both of them were smitten once they saw each other”.


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