Canon Printer Not Printing Black

Ohh what! Your canon printer’s black ink is on permanent vacation and is not printing black for you? It’s a very common problem that almost everyone faces with their printer and the ij start canon got all of them covered with its reliable solution for this problem. There is no printer problem that we can’t solve. And we believe that there is nothing called a problem, it’s just the absence of the right solution. Our several customers came to us with the same problem that their Canon printer is not printing black. So, here we came up with the best resolution to offer a quick fix to your this printer problem. So, let’s get started without wasting even a single minute more as it is hampering your work and productivity. The most common reason behind this problem can be paper waste, dirt, dust and ribbon shreds. So, let’s clean up!
Follow the step-by-step Guide for Quick Fix!
Step 1: Open your Canon Printer.
Step 2: Put 5-6 A4 size papers in the printer tray.
Step 3: Now, open the paper output tray and extension as well.
Step 4: To start cleaning process, select the setup option.
Step 5: Click on the Tools icon.
Step 6: Navigate to the Maintenance menu and press OK.
Step 7: Now, select ‘Deep Cleaning’ and Press OK.
Step 8: Select Yes and then Press OK to confirm.
Now, the cleaning process of your printer will get started. Patiently wait for a few minutes to finish the cleaning process. After this, you are all done with your Canon Printer cleaning. To check if the issue is resolved with it or not, restart your canon printer.
We hope the solution mentioned above helped you to fix your Canon Printer Issue of not printing black.

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