Common Mistakes To Avoid While Writing An Academic Paper

When you are writing essays, the initial step is to understand that essay and assignment are not the same. It would be best if you gave special attention when you are developing an essay. Essay writing is a challenging task, so you can take a fast essay writing service if you are in a hurry to submit. If you have good writing skills and have developed them through practice and perseverance, you need to learn about common mistakes because most students learn through trial and error process but at the cost of valuable grades.

Below are some common mistakes that you can avoid without compromising on grades.


Develops purpose statement instead of thesis statement

Assignment writing and essay is different, so you need to use a different technique to showcase your points. You may have come across statements like using a purpose statement; you can “In this essay, I will detail…”, “This essay will discuss…”, and many more. These statements are often mistakenly considered thesis statements; however, these are declarative sentences or purpose statements. Some students write purpose statements instead of thesis statements which is wrong; it describes the writer’s opinion and uses declarative sentences. It clearly explains the problems of the said issues without indicating the writer. It highlights the points that will be discussed in the essay in details. You can seek help from an urgent  analytical essay  to avoid making mistakes.


When students are asked to discuss the characters, plot, setting, or other elements, students tend to develop a summary of the events described in the essay. However, it is not an effective way to showcase the arguments or discuss other elements. It seems like fillers that you have used because there is a lack of material, so it is best to avoid summarizing.


Another common mistake students make collecting information from various sources and pasting them into an essay without rephrasing the content. Students need to note down all the sources and check the content in an online plagiarism checker to avoid plagiarism. You can take help from urgent essay checker services. They completely understand all the aspects of a paper. They can cite the areas like a section of a book or quotation of a writer and other texts using different citation styles.


The above mentioned common mistakes can help you avoid them and show you the direction to develop original content.




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