Do You Need IDX for Your Real Estate Website?

You've likely come across blog posts, articles, and some internet marketers saying that you don't require IDX to advertise your property website briansclubs. The reason they say this is because the most popular real estate websites that are led by Zillow, Trulia, and represent about 50% of the traffic on websites so it is "useless" and "a waste of money" to try to compete with them.

The term IDX is thrown around frequently. When people hear IDX people immediately think it's just home search for your real estate website. Although property search is the principal part of IDX however, many people don't know how to use it to its maximum potential or the valuable lead-generating tools it gives.

Alongside providing a home search feature on your site in this article, I'll go over some of the reasons IDX is an absolute must-have feature on any property site.

"Product" of Your Business

When talking to professionals in real estate, I often use this analogy. As a real estate professional, you're a business. It is possible to think of your real estate website to be the site you use as your "store". The MLS listings on your site represent you "inventory". The listings contain all the items that are available within the "store" where visitors can browse and buy. What happens when somebody visit the "store" but you have no product to sell? The person will exactly as we and I would perform... go away and find another place where there is something to see and possibly purchase.

These are important leads you will be losing in the absence of IDX for your real property website. If you're not solely making revenue through referrals, your site (store) must be able to provide identification numbers (product).

You can create Listing Pages

IDX allows you to access all the hundreds or thousands of listings on your MLS. As I've mentioned before, this is your inventory, which is similar to having thousands of items on your website.

If you have access to all listings, you can design listings pages that are focused on specific search criteria. For instance, you could make a listing that showcases all listings for the specified price. You can also create the listing page to show listings within a particular subdivision, community or school district. Listing pages are more user-friendly experience as they direct the visitors to your website about real estate to the properties they're looking for. Additionally, these listing pages are search engines friendly. That's what I'll talk about in the next post.

Get Leads via Google Search

Each of the IDX pages that the platform provides are SEO friendly and are indexed by Google, Bing, and all other major search engines. This means that all listing pages on the IDX system are crawled by Google and can be a good way to generate organic leads. For example in the case of one of our customers we developed an IDX page that lists homes available for sale in the schools of Squires Elementary.

Take a look at the results you get when you type in Google

"Homes for Sale Squires Elementary School District"

Yes, our customer using our site with IDX is ranked number one out of 1,640,000 Google results for search, ranking above Zillow as well as!

Through IDX you can construct thousands of real estate listings pages and all of them will appear in Google result pages! Do you believe that you aren't able to compete with Zillow?

Platform and Tools for your clients

IDX is more than just property search for your real estate website. Many people do not know of the powerful tools you will be providing to your customers. IDX will take your real estate site to the next step, by offering the opportunity for your clients to use a platform. Your visitors to your site can create an account on your website to access the IDX tools, such as keeping their favorite listings and searches. It's an experience that your clients will expect and return to.

Automatically email new listings to Leads

An IDX system will allow you to send your leads the latest listings by email automatically depending on the search criteria they have set. This can be thought of as lead nurturing with listings. The user can set the search terms directly on your website where they would like to receive the latest results for. It is an entirely automated system that stays in contact with your prospects. If they find a page they're interested in and want to contact you, they can do so.

A Space for Your Current Customers to Return

If you've built a trusting relationship with your current clients and they are likely to use your real estate website when they are looking to purchase a home again. They have already trusted you and your site is familiar to them. They will already have an account within your IDX system, where they will just log in and perform their searches and access the tools you provide. If you don't provide search for homes on your website for real estate, where will your clients go? It's true... and somewhere else.

Landing Pages + IDX = Powerful Lead Generation

Landing pages are a very popular method of generating leads, particularly on Facebook. When you integrate landing pages with IDX and IDX, you can create an extremely effective and efficient lead generation system.

You can build listing pages using IDX and use them to build landing pages. For example, you can create a landing site that allows users to access every home that is less than $600k in the city of Clairemont. When leads complete the form of your landing page, it will send them to a listing page on your IDX system that displays the listings. Without IDX on your website for real estate, such a system is not possible.

Giving a More Personal Experience

Big real estate websites like Zillow or are very commercialized and can seem intimidating to users. Your website is more approachable and gives the confidence and ease. Because your site will be focussed on a specific region which is also much more familiar to your site visitors since they be aware that you are a real estate expert in the region they are planning to buy.

Do you need IDX on your real estate website? Yes. IDX is a must-have for your website for the above reasons. The cost of having IDX on your website is a small amount when compared with all the benefits you gain from it. One transaction that is closed on your website by IDX can cover the cost of your IDX and website service for 5-10 years!

All you need to do is visit sites of top realtors. Do they have IDX information on their real estate websites?

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