"There are 'boring' moments in every subject." Why study is also work

Judging by the comments to my last post, many are sure that accustoming to work can only be forced. Here are typical quotes from the comments (no changes or edits):

“The very concept of “labor” for some reason evokes the first association “forced”. People who do something with passion are unlikely to treat their activities as work.
“Work should be fun. I do not agree with those who separate one from the other.
"Work for the sake of work is bullshit." Likewise, writing is a huge job. Using Bidforwriting, you can work hard in writing a written work. Thus, the work will not be in vain, but with great benefit to you.

If we continue the logical chain, we can conclude that studying should be exclusively a pleasure. Writing essays must come from within in order to write well. Using the help of write my dissertation, you will learn how to express your thoughts competently and with motivation. And, of course, motivated from the outside, by the teacher. And on the part of the student, the initial internal motivation to work is not expected. I think many will agree that this is a theoretical concept of modern school education. But this concept breaks down into the simplest questions.

Attitude towards work

What to do with a child who is unlucky, and next to him there is not a single kind person who is ready to motivate? Well, it happens, life is complicated.Often theory (children need to be captivated and motivated) breaks into practice and is replaced in real life by the most severe pressure on the teacher and student. To avoid this pressure, use correct my essay to relieve pressure and help analyze the written work. We see these CDs, pseudo-projects and other coercions in the modern American school. Because the standards require one. And how do you break it?

In the end, coercion still wins, but it's not customary to talk about it. We often meet people who quite voluntarily make significant efforts (including training) in order to achieve the goal that they themselves have set. No extrinsic motivation. And they even like this process of overcoming. But how does it work?
Former residents of villages and towns, who were engaged in agriculture in childhood and youth, are divided into two camps: someone remembers working “in the field” as a nightmare, while someone is nostalgic and ready to dig in any available piece of land. The first, as a rule, were forced to work beyond measure and devalued the results of labor. The latter were allowed to help at will, encouraging interest and praising achievement. And now they have a love for overcoming, tension, suffering, "sweat of the face" - this is a habit associated with something pleasant (with victory, with praise, self-respect).

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