English CV

English CV

If you apply internationally, you have to pay attention to a few special features when designing your English resume. Not only the language, but also the structure and the content differ from the German application.

Job satisfaction not only increases the quality of life, but also encourages top professional performance. People continuously strive for change in order to broaden their own horizons. You want to explore your limits, get to know new cultures and perfect your professional skills.

Working in a foreign country can be a valuable experience that enriches your entire life. Career-oriented globetrotters often choose a country where predominantly English is spoken. If you want to get started in Great Britain or the USA, you have to consider some cultural characteristics so that the application process does not end in a fiasco, professional resume services will help you avoid any mistakes. The following tips are intended to help you maintain an overview.

CV or resume?

Different countries, different customs - this also applies to the application. If you want to write an English resume (create one with cv writing services), it is not enough to simply translate your German. Whether you are applying in the USA, Great Britain or another English-speaking country: There are different formalities for the English resume.

The curriculum vitae

The CV is particularly popular in the UK and other countries that use English as their national language, such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This resume is also in demand with international companies that use English, but the cover letter is also important, with the cover letter for career change service you will easily write it, as their business language - this also applies to German companies that are based abroad.

Similar to the German resume, the CV has a length of one or two pages and summarizes the complete professional career as well as the school and academic training.

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