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Applying for college disabilities accommodations is done while applying for regular college admission.
One of the requirements that are common to disabled students and students without disabilities is the personal statement or essay. A personal statement is so important that it can either seal the deal or ruin the chances of an applicant from getting admitted. To get an idea of how to write a personal statement, you can check out sample college admission essays which are found online.
The only difference in the application process is that students with disabilities just have to submit extra documents and requirements which will prove your eligibility for college disabilities accommodations. As mentioned, colleges have different criteria for determining the degree of disability and eligibility for accommodations. The documents submitted will be reviewed by the college committee in accordance to their criteria, and will be subject to their approval before you can be granted college disabilities accommodations.
Application forms for disabilities accommodations are downloadable on college websites, or you may also inquire at the admissions office where they’ll give you a checklist of the application requirements.
What are some of the services included in college disabilities accommodations?
The services under college disabilities accommodations also vary depending on the institution. Once your application is approved, the committee will then arrange for specific services and accommodations that cater to the individual’s disabilities. These services and accommodations may include asking lecturers to adjust their teaching approaches and capstone proofreading services, reservation of special dorm rooms, or assigning school staff members to provide mobility assistance to the student (i.e. helping them move from one classroom to another). Athletic scholarships provide a good opportunity for financially disadvantaged students to use their athletic skills to get quality college education. However, because funders will be investing in your abilities and skills, the selection process of eligible candidates for an athletic scholarship can be quite competitive. Below are some tips to help you become well-prepared in applying for an athletic scholarship:
1. Do your research.
While it’s true that sports is an important aspect of your life, it’s more important that you focus on the academic requirements and programs that a school offers before you apply for an athletic scholarship. This involves gathering information on the sports standards and GPA requirements of your desired school. Make sure that the school offers athletic scholarships for your particular sport under your desired major or program.
The ability to balance athletics with academics is an essential trait that funders look for. Simply excelling in your sport is not an assurance that you will get an athletic scholarship. Funders also need to know that you’re serious about your college education. This is why most athletic scholarship grants have a clause which states that scholars are required to maintain a specific GPA.

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