Write an essay: Your thoughts are free

It is a popular homework at school and a frequently requested proof of achievement in studies: the essay - . As with all types of text, there are a few points to keep in mind. We'll explain what they are and what is important when writing an essay.

This is how the essay writing succeeds

There are some things you cannot avoid during your school days and later during your academic career. Writing an essay - - is likely to be one of them. But as with the poem analysis , everything is half as wild. Because, as with all written treatises, analyzes and interpretations, there is a certain scheme that you can follow when writing an essay. If you stick to it, it won't be that difficult to write a successful essay.

What is an essay anyway?

An essay is a short treatise on a literary or scientific question . One could also say: An essay is nothing more than an explanatory or argumentative essay on a certain issue. Unlike a thesis or housework, the focus here is not on the technology of scientific work. Rather, it is about convincing your train of thought and reasoning and developing it in front of the reader. Therefore, an essay can also be used as a kind of thought experimentin which you consider a topic from science, , culture or society as ingeniously as possible. The advantage: Since you don't have to prove that you can work scientifically correctly, this type of text gives you some freedom.

Instead of formal requirements, an essay is primarily about reflecting on the chosen topic, working out your own theses and perspectives and taking a stand. It's about your ideas, arguments and thoughts , not about the positions of others. Therefore, you should avoid quoting directly in an essay, i.e. you do not need to include footnotes.


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