Guide for Writing Effective Assignment

Ideally, an effective writing assignment helps students achieve the learning objectives of the course, or the skills and/or knowledge you want students to acquire or practice in the course. Ideally, the written assignment will give students the opportunity to put into practice the concepts they have encountered during the reading, discussion, and lesson. Teachers can often help students write more effective papers by providing students with written instructions for a writing assignment.  


Homework aims to get students thinking about their writing processes. Students are more involved in homework if they have choices and decisions about their writing. Clearly defining the goal(s) of the assignment helps students write the type of work they want. Consistency helps students see progress and purpose in their work, rather than seeing written assignments as separate exercises.   


Writing assignments provide students with many different roles, so identifying good writing assignments starts with a specific learning environment. Surprisingly, teachers are known to give written assignments without formulating for themselves what the assignment should give students. By studying what they think the final product will look like, teachers can provide students with detailed instructions on the writing activity and the final written product. Good writing assignments always start with clear goals that the teacher can articulate, usually on worksheets, so that students understand the goals as well.   


However, after considering your class and its goals, many other principles can improve the writing assignments you give and the writing you receive from students. The advantage of low-stakes writing assignments is that well-performing students learn more when they need to articulate their knowledge in writing.


  By incorporating other types of low-stakes writing assignments into your courses, you can highlight skills they can apply throughout their college career, not just in the classroom. Writing at low rates can also help students keep up with reading, better understand course concepts, or take a more active role in the course. Again, think about the skills that students will need to complete their writing assignments and see how you, as a teacher, can build these skills in students or how they can gradually practice them in the classroom.


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