How to Access Remote Server using Putty?

The remote server is a server that is devoted to managing users that are not on the LAN but want remote access. The remote server is useful for hosting single or multiple websites on the internet.

If you want to establish ssh connection then you go for the ssh client is Puttykey Generator. It helps to create ssh public and private keys. It will ask you to enter the server’s IP and the port number into the corresponding fields.

Putty is a reliable key generator tool especially using for creating public and private ssh keys. It is developed by British programmer Simon Tatham with an easy downloading option.

What is a Remote Server?

Remote Server provides a sequence of services to remotely connected users.

You can access the files and other services on a remote server once you are verified.This is done with the help of an associated firewall server that assures security.

Advantages of Remote Servers

  • They are few expensive as compared to a local server.
  • The value of server administration is negligible as the provider of the remote servers has specialists at their data centers.
  • A remotely hosted server has more reliable security, redundancy, and better power management.
  • You don’t have to acquire a high-speed internet connection for your remote server.

Connect to SSH using PuTTY to a Remote Host

When a user wants to connect to a remote server then make sure you have done ssh connection previously. For this connection, you require to go with ssh client that is Putty.

It works as a key generator tool. Download Puttykey Generator that supports various network protocols. and helps to create user-generating keys.

  • Download PuTTY from
  • Save the download on the desktop for easy access.
  • Double-click on the puttykey.exe program.
  • Then on the following screen, enter your SSH information -
  • Click on Open to start an SSH session.
  • If this is your first time connecting to the server from this computer, you will see a dialog box telling you that the “host key is not stored in the registry”, just click on “yes”.
  • Once the SSH Connection is open, you should see a terminal prompt asking for your login.
  • After producing typed your login, you will be prompted to enter your password identically.

Note - That your cursor will not move while you are typing for safety reasons.

  • “Enter” and you are now logged into your remote host using SSH.

Using port forwarding in SSH

SSH Protocol can forward random network connections over your encrypted SSH connection, to avoid the network traffic being sent in clear.

To manage port forwarding to connect from your local system to a port on a remote server, you need to -

  • Choose a port number on your local machine where PuTTY should listen for incoming connections. There are possible to be lots of unused port numbers above 3000.
  • Now, before you start your SSH connection, go to the Tunnels panel. Make sure the "Local" radio button is set. Enter the local port number into the "Source port" box.
  • Enter the destination hostname and port number into the "Destination" box. Now click the "Add" button. The details of your port forwarding should appear in the list box.

Final Note

Well, this article is helpful for "Accessing Remote Server using Putty". It is nothing but an easy way to connect to ssh server remotely. Read this article and share your experience of putty key generator by comments.

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