How to Convert Text to Speech on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Online

Many people whose job requires them to listen to audio files can increase their work productivity.


Additionally, written words are sometimes impossible for children to understand, but spoken words can.


Also, the elderly find it difficult to read long paragraphs. Therefore, a text file can be converted into an audio file.


Many people do not know how to convert text to speech. In this article, we demonstrate several practical ways to turn text files into audio formats on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and online.


The essay you choose should be compatible with your device.



Part 1. Convert text to speech on Windows


EaseUS Video Editor is a converter software on a PC used for video and audio files. As the perfect free audio converter, EaseUS Video Editor aims to simplify the process of text-to-speech conversion.


You can use this application for free if you are a Windows user. It is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.


Windows 10/8.1/8/7

EaseUS Video Editor makes it easy to convert a text file into a speech. Below are the steps you need to follow.


Step 1. Drag a text style to the timeline using the "Text" button.


Step 2. To copy and paste text, simply right-click the line you want to convert, and then choose "Edit".


Step 3. You can start converting the text file by right-clicking it in the timeline and selecting "Convert to speech".


Step 4. Choose an appropriate file format for the speech to be exported by clicking "Export" > "Audio."


Part 2. Convert text to speech on Mac


Mac OS X users who prefer text files to speech files don't have to download an application or go to a website.


It's all you have to do is edit your text file using your own device equipped with the appropriate functions, and then follow the tutorial below to convert text to audio.


Step 1. To get started, click on "Dictation and Speech" in the "System Preferences" panel under the Apple icon.


Step 2. Select "Text to Speech".


Step 3. Choose the option "Speak selected text when the key is pressed".


Step 4. Once you have selected the "Change Key" option, click "OK".


As a result, the text file is converted successfully to a speech file.


Part 3. Convert text to speech on Android


Taking a text file and converting it into an audio file, MP3, without an application or website is easy.


Use this app on your Android device, like Huawei, to complete the mission using the original features. Just follow the tutorial below and get started.


Step 1. Go to the "Settings" panel on your device.


Step 2. Then, select "Accessibility" and then "Text-to-speech" output.


Step 3. You may select your preferred engine, speech rate, and pitch.


Step 4. To listen to the text, long-press it and choose "Speech".


It's now possible to listen to the text file in audio format.


Part 4. Convert text to speech on iOS


Apple's iOS offers powerful text-to-speech features that let you easily listen to selected text in many different languages and accents.


The VoiceOver feature in iOS 8 and later will even automatically turn the pages on your eBook as you listen to it read.


Method 1. If you are not using iOS 8, please use the steps below.


Step 1. Go to the "Settings" panel.


Step 2. Under "General", choose "Accessibility" > "Speech".


Step 3. Then select "Speak Selection".


Step 4. Use the slider to change the spoken rate.


Method 2. With iOS 8 or a system that has been released afterward, the steps are a little different.


Step 1. Open up the "Settings" panel.


Step 2. Go to "General" > "Accessibility" > "Speech".


Step 3. "Speak Screen" must be enabled.


Step 4. Use the slider to change the voice and changing the speaking rate.


Step 5. By toggling this option on, words will be highlighted as they are read by the device.


Part 5. Convert text to speech Using Online Tools


With, you can convert any written text into spoken words. Their paid subscriptions also have more features. The free version can also meet your needs if all you want is to convert text to speech.


Here's how to convert text to speech using this free TTS converter.


Step 1. Simply drag a text file into the box.


Step 2. You can choose a language, voice, and medium to suit your needs.


Step 3. Click the "Create audio file" button.


Step 4. Save the audio file to your device.




It's important to note, however, that the file converters mentioned above can help you convert a text file to an audio file. However, if the website breaks, the converter will not work.


Apple, Mac, Android users just need their own devices. But if you're using Windows, you'll need EaseUS Video Editor.




These are some FAQs that relate to "convert text to speech". If you did not find what you are looking for in the answers above, check them out and see if they can help you.


1. How do I convert text to audio files?


Step 1. Open your document in the text-to-speech editor and select "Speak" > "Convert to Audio".


Step 2. Change the audio properties for sound quality, bitrate, and audio channel according to your requirements.


2. How do I make my word document talk?


Step 1. Listen to the text you selected. If you want to hear the entire document, simply press the "Ctrl-A" key.


Step 2. Click the "Speak" button on the "Quick Access" toolbar to make Word speak the document.


3. How do I get more voices for text-to-speech?


Step 1. Click the "Start" icon. Click "Control Panel", "Change to Classic View," and then click "Speech".


Step 2. In the "Text-to-speech" area, click "Select a voice". A list of voices will be displayed. Click on a voice from the list.

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