Instructions to eliminate your old kitchen

Cautiously eliminating your old kitchen will permit you to dependably head out in different directions, keeping it out of landfill.

Eliminating your old kitchen is a frequently ignored part of introducing another kitchen. Taking a tad of additional consideration at this stage can have critical added benefits when you are prepared to introduce your new kitchen.

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planning is basic while undertaking any remodel task. Here are some significant pre-destruction steps that will set you up for eliminating your kitchen.

    Security first

Eliminate any excursion risks and mess on the floor and don't over strive while taking care of weighty instruments and hardware. Request help in the event that you're in any uncertainty.

    Void your kitchen

Store and name all your küchenfronten austauschen things so they are not difficult to track down when your new kitchen is constructed. Bring down craftsmanship, installations and fittings, and void your cabinets in general and retires before you start your destruction.

    Bring in the experts

You'll require a certified dealer to switch off your power, water and gas prior to eliminating any apparatuses or furniture.

    Safeguard your floors

Cover your floors with hardboard or a drop fabric to forestall scratches, imprints and other harm to your floors.

    Close your space

On the off chance that down to earth, attempt to close your work zone to assist with keeping residue and soil out of the remainder of your home. Keep your space fixed off until you have introduced your kitchen.

    Utilize the right instruments

The right devices will keep you more secure, keep your destruction cleaner and make your life more straightforward!

    Enlist a skip receptacle

Building materials can't be put in your ordinary trash assortment and you don't need fabricating materials lying around your home - it's requesting inconvenience. There are a lot of neighborhood skip organizations who will offer cutthroat statements.


By taking as much time as necessary with destruction you'll protect your work zone, limit harm to your home and save planning opportunity with regards to introducing your new küchenfronten austauschen.

    defensive dress

Ensure you're wearing fitting footwear, for example, steel covered boots; guarantee you have eye security and wear wellbeing gloves.


Painstakingly cut the silicone dab with a Stanley blade then, at that point, utilize a pry bar and mallet to take care of lift it. When you have an edge out you could likewise utilize wooden boards to assist with utilizing the sink awkward.

    Divider bureau

Eliminate your divider cupboards first with the goal that you can involve the current base cupboards as a resting point. It's ideal to use somewhere around two sets of hands here, or a bureau support assuming you have one. Right off the bat, find which screws are holding your bureau to the divider. Then, at that point, begin by eliminating the screws that keep your cupboards intact. After you've done that, cautiously eliminate the divider screws and carry the cupboards to the ground. Save and mark any parts for reusing or toss the old küchenfronten austauschen straight in the skip container.


Eliminate any screws that are holding benchtops set up. On the off chance that you can lift the benchtop off, do as such, any other way you might require a pry bar to take care of you. On the off chance that your benchtop is lumber, you could cut the benchtop into sensible pieces.


Pry your splashback crazy cautiously. Assuming you have a glass splashback, we suggest utilizing a reasonable PVC self-glue film to safeguard yourself from any shards or sharp glass.

    Base cupboards

To begin with, eliminate drawers, entryways and racks, then, at that point, eliminate any screws that are fixing the cupboards to the dividers. When they are liberated from the divider, you will then, at that point, need to eliminate any screws that are appending the cupboards together. On the off chance that the kitchen will be utilized by another person briefly life, help them out by sacking the screws and naming the parts as you come.

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