Is Female Circumcision Ethical?

For a long time, there has been a debate in the society whether a girl child should be circumcised or not. There has been a lot of controversy about the issue, which is widly spread in Africa. While those who practice female circumcision assert that it is ethical; those who are against it strongly say that it is extremely unethical. Therefore, forces have been created as the debate about the issue continues. However, in my opinion, female circumcision is unethical and should be stopped.

A number of communities in Africa argue that female circumcision is ethical and thus, they continue to practice it. Most of the communities argue that female circumcision is a way of up holding their culture and stopping it would be a form of disrespect to their ancestors. Most of the individuals also argue that female circumcision helps in keeping the chastity of a woman. With female circumcision, the society believes that circumcised women will not have sexual intercourse before marriage. Therefore, they argue that female circumcision ensures that young girls remain virgin until the time when they are married. In most of these communities marriage is considered to be sacred and; thus marriage is only allowed to take place among women and men who are virgins. Other communities also support female circumcision on the basis that the practice prevents infidelity among married people; thus preventing marriage problems. It is believed that once a woman is circumcised she will be tied to her husband entirely, which is considered ethical.

On the other hand, female circumcision is also seen as unethical by another group of individuals. The people who are against female circumcision argue that this a practice is inhuman and unethical. They argue that it inflicts a lot of pain on the girls being circumcised, and it even leads to deaths in some instances. Therefore, it is a practice that puts the life of the girl child at risk. Most people also say that female circumcision is a traditional and old fashioned practice and thus practicing it shows backwardness of the people. Doctors have also provided records showing the reasons why female circumcision is unethical. They prove that this practice puts the girl child at risk of catching a lot of diseases such as HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Researchers also assert that the practice does not have any benefits at all, but instead has more disadvantages.

In my opinion, female circumcision is extremely unethical and should be utterly abolished in the society. Female circumcision has caused death to many young girls and those who did not die during the practice went through a lot of pain afterwards. Many of those who underwent the operationare also susceptible to a lot of diseases which may be at times incurable. Operations are also performed by inexperienced traditional physicians who are not even doctors and thus, they perform it unethically. Through the cut, the girl child is also denied a number of rights such as; her right for life. The girl child is also denied her right for education since a number of young girls who are circumcised do not attend school for fear of stigmatization. Therefore, female circumcision is unethical.

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