Male Dog Names

You can also search through endless lists of dog names by breed. Names for female Labrador Retrievers can depend on the color of the dog, such as Goldie for a Golden Lab. Emma, Lexis, Bonnie, and Lacey are popular names for this breed. Female German Shepherd names include Bella, Cara and Diva. The name you choose should be one that is suited to a puppy and a fully grown dog, especially if the dog is a large breed.

Small breeds of dogs lend themselves to short, cute names that work well for both puppies and adult dogs because even when the dog is fully grown it still looks as if it is a puppy. Look at names that sound small and dainty, such as Angel, Baby, Bitsy or Elf. The name for a small dog should be short because it would be really funny to have a long name on a tiny dog. You can see male dog names.

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