Resuelta Royal Guards online game

In Royal Guards, you may defend your magical forest! Your magical forest is one of the most valuable possessions you have. It is now being overrun by ruthless beasts.

You can save your forest on your own, like the brave elf you are! Are you up to the challenge of this noble mission?

Royal Guards and happy wheels are my 2 favorite games.

No one, even the terrible adversaries of the Light, may enter the Great Forest! As the kingdom's greatest archer, you've come to rescue the holy lands. Everyone looks up to you and puts their faith in you. So, with your arch and arrows, try to take out all of the enemy ones by one.

Your arrows will be shot at the opponents automatically, so all you have to do is aim accurately. Set the level of difficulty and the strength of the adversaries. If you want, you can improve the ignition, add extra poison, or a curse. Make good use of your points and put in your best effort to stop the swarms of horrible creatures! Are you ready to take on the role of a hero?

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