Simple Tricks To Avoid Plagiarism

plagiarism check is considered a sin in any academic paper. Most students fail to realize this aspect and end up giving 10-20% copy-pasted content. They also don’t bother to complete a plagiarism check before submission. However, things have become easier with the advent of several plagiarism tools. Avoiding plagiarism in a 10,000-word dissertation may seem mountainous, but it’s not really nowadays. While taking information from other sources, we often knowingly or unknowingly place the exact words of the information source in our academic papers. Every problem has a solution, and this isn’t an exception. The below-mentioned tricks can be beneficial if you are trying to avoid plagiarism with all efforts:

a) Cite in a proper format: Academic writing requires citation, but there are certain custom writing rules to follow in this regard. Any mistake in citation will lead to a penalty. Instances of missing citations are numerous, and this is because most students and researchers initiate this phase after completing their papers. You are likely to miss some citations if you do the same. Also, with numerous references, you may forget the original information source.

b) Don’t copy-paste: If you copy-paste from other papers/articles/journals, plagiarism is bound to occur. In case you don’t have an idea of the subject, you get the option of paraphrasing. Before that, make sure to research the topic and give your level best to understand the concepts. Avoid giving citations to unauthentic sources. When you are quoting an expert, insert the quotation after finishing the text and with proper citation.

c) Avoid long-quotations: Using long quotes isn’t a great idea in a research paper/dissertation. The best approach is to limit the quote to two or three sentences. Several quotations also make the content hardly understandable while decreasing its readability score.

d) Seek permission from the copyright holder: It’s always better to ask for permission when you copy even a small piece of text. If there is a long-quote that you can’t avoid, don’t be in a dilemma, and incorporate it, but only after taking permission from the copyright holder.

e) Give insights regarding the academic discipline: Collecting information from different sources is a non-exhaustive task. None of us can include all the information while crafting a dissertation/research proposal/academic essay. Even taking the complete information from a single source is plagiarism. Browse different sources to avoid the same. If you are struggling to meet the word count, give insights regarding the discipline you are writing. It also gives your academic paper an individualistic touch, which is necessary, especially in humanities.

f) Use a plagiarism tool: These writing tools detect the research paper writing service guide flaws in your content precisely. A plagiarism check is mandatory before assignment submission. Different colleges and universities have a strict code regarding this aspect. You may not avoid plagiarism even if you give 100% effort. This is because tons of content is posted on the internet each day, and your content being one of those, there is every chance of plagiarism.

Some students tend to use the same text of their previous essay writing help in the current document. It should be avoided under all circumstances. ‘Self-plagiarism’ is a term often referred to as this phenomenon. Not only it leads to plagiarism, but it also demolishes your writing style. So, it’s better to be unique and creative under all circumstances and use a plagiarism tool after completing the document.




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