The Reasons to Have a Website As a Startup - Get online, grow!

If you visit the internet often to answer questions related to websites, then you have noticed that the most frequently-asked concern of the internet-based business world is "does my business startup really require an online presence joker stash?"

With the advent of World Wide Web and its convenience, fewer individuals seek items and services through a phone book or yellow pages. The times of mortar and brick stores have long passed, being replaced by the more convenient search and click . Nearly 20 million consumers are now using the search and click for the convenience of purchasing everything from garments to books and food items to houses.

Google informs us that there are almost four billion websites with content making up this incredible internet. This is one website for each person on earth. You are now considering joining the league and extending the number of websites over four billion.

Are you certain that "If I publish a website, they will come?" Are you certain of it? You can't be! To be honest it is impossible to be as certain about traffic on the internet. In plain English this isn't likely to happen unless and until you separate your self from the crowd.

When one of my coworkers established her first business in the past few years, the first thing I suggested to her to consider was "Does she really need websites? What is the reason she require a website? I gave my friend an assessment form to answer a few basic questions regarding why she, a start-up, actually needed an online presence. The survey uncovered the following arguments to have a website:

  • Aids in determining the business Goals


You're right! If you're asked to write the website content you are compelled to revisit every aspect of your business. This allows you to discover key business objectives that you might have overlooked previously.


  • Business Credibility


Have you ever had to work difficult to convince your potential customers that yours is the real deal? By having a professionally designed website you can establish instant trust for your business. The website you have created is your ultimate evidence of your company's existence.


  • Exposure to More Customers


Google informs us that over 2.5 billion people are using the web on a daily basis, for personal and professional reasons. By deciding not to have a website, you run the danger of missing out on a huge online opportunity because these are people who purchase items or make contact with an organisation online.


  • No Barriers to Entry


Making sure your offering is seen by people and starting a business can be very simple thanks to online convenience. Thanks to the development of World Wide Web, there are no obstacles to entry for business, unlike for a business with pure brick and mortar presence.


  • 24/7 Online Access


When your website is live there is a new avenue of opportunities opened up. You can manage your business from anywhere at any time. Your website will always be accessible to your customers, something that is not possible.


  • Connect with Your Customers


With the functionality of a feed (RSS or Atom) on your site you can provide updates to your customers on a regular basis. Your website can be updated with information for visitors on offers, promotions and new products etc.


  • Online Marketing Channel


The World Wide Web has equipped marketers with a potent weapon, which is called online marketing. With online marketing at your disposal your website could win more customers by using simple and low cost methods for marketing.


  • Customer Support Opportunities


If you have a website, you can drastically reduce the cost of customer service. This is possible by having terms of usage as well as FAQs and tickets on your website to address customer concerns.


  • Your email address is for Your Domain


Aren't they more professional and easy to remember? Moreover, chances are that your emails on your domain will resonate more with your customers.


  • Competing with the Already existing Big Guys


If you have a well-thought-out attractive, user-friendly and appealing website you can make inroads into the top-tier audience. It is a challenge with the usual brick and mortar businesses.


  • Connect with other businesses as a Webmaster


If you own a business website you can earn new customers and establish acquaintances with fellow owners of websites. This could open you up to a new set of possibilities!

Now, you're sure that you actually need an online presence for your business. However, simply creating a website isn't enough. You must ensure that your website is professional, or your chances are bleak that you will be seen as a serious company. A lot of customers look up information on the internet before making the purchase. This is why it's vital that you make sure that your website is trustworthy.

How Online Website Builders can be the Future of Website Creation?

Online website builders are easy to use and can help you create traditional websites from templates. Do you find it difficult to accept the concept of a template based website with a predetermined pattern and theme? Let me assure you that convention isn't an issue as far as website creation is in the matter of creating websites.

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