They can stay away from the medium

The gate valve contains the advantages of low switching effort and low flow resistance. But the sealing surface is simple to wear and leak, the opening stroke is large, along with the maintenance is tough. The gate valve like at here can not be used as being a regulating valve and must be within the fully open or fully closed position. The working principle is: once the gate valve is closed, the valve stem moves downwards, depending upon the sealing surface from the gate valve along with the seat in the valve being highly smooth, flat and consistent.

They can stay away from the medium from flowing through, and depend upon the top wedge to raise the sealing effect. The closing part moves over the vertical direction on the center line. There are many kinds of gate valves, which may be divided into wedge type and parallel type in accordance with their types. Each type is split up into single gate and double gate.The valve body from the gate valve adopts a self-sealing form. The connection between bonnet plus the valve is to use the upward pressure with the medium inside valve to just make the sealing packing to become compressed to get the purpose of sealing. The gate valve packing is sealed with high-pressure asbestos packing with copper wire.

Pressure-temperature ratings of valves are designated by class numbers. ASME B16.34, Valves-Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End is one from the most popular valve standards. It defines three kinds of classes: standard, special, and limited. ASME B16.34 covers Class 150, 300, 400, 600, 900, 1500, 2500, and 4500 valves.

As maybe you have seen inside the main Menu "Valves", you could find also information regarding several and quite often applied valves in Petro and chemical industry.

It supply you with an impression, and good understanding in the differences between your various varieties of valves, and ways in which these differences modify the valve function. It will help with a proper use of each type of valve in the design as well as the proper use of every type of valve during operation.

Flexible wedge gate valve employs an accommodating wedge it really is a one-piece disk that has a cut throughout the perimeter (the cut varies in dimensions, shape, and depth). Thermal expansion and contraction entail no problems such kind of gate valves as being the disk will be able to compensate for this and remain an easy task to open. 

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