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Are you good with words? Work as a freelance writer.

Freelance writing can encompass many things: ghostwriting, academic writing, content, blogging, SEO, short stories, reports, creative writing, travel writing, speeches, even poetry! Depending on your preferences and interests, you can choose any of these categories or combine different types to put your talents to work.

Who can work as a freelance writer?
We would say anyone, but that's not entirely true. You might have a special talent in creative writing, be studying digital marketing and know SEO tools, have experience writing university essays and do academic writing, be an excellent blogger, or an expert in a subject, such as motorbikes, and find online magazines to write for.

The possibilities are endless, but make sure you have the right skills, talent, and the proper knowledge (for example, all high-ratedd free essay writers online need to have expert knowledge in the field where they provide their services). Does that mean you have to be experienced? Not at all! You can also be a beginner - that always depends on the demand of each writing job. Doing writing jobs can be the perfect way to build a portfolio that will take you far in your writing career.

Great, but where do I start?
On the many online platforms available for freelancers! Writing is among the most popular categories within the freelancer apps - just browse through the apps like this one, sign up for the one(s) you want and promote yourself as a freelance writer!

I want to, but I don't feel confident enough to start freelance writing.

If you feel the drive, have the talent and the will, the rest is easy to achieve! You can also hone your skills or acquire new competencies to become more knowledgeable and competitive with many modern online learning platforms!

More tips on how to promote yourself
When creating your freelance writing profile, be sure to mention your qualifications, any writing experience you have, and even add some samples of your work.

When accepting these freelance writing jobs, always make sure they are the right jobs for you and be punctual in meeting deadlines. Use your communication skills to understand what clients want and save time on questions. Being polite and prompt will get you good reviews to attract even more customers.

What about my insurance, taxes, and earnings from freelance writing?

Your earnings are generally paid online and will be paid into your bank account or PayPal (or other similar platforms). Your hourly earnings can vary greatly depending on your level of experience, your skill, the nature and complexity of each writing assignment, etc.

There is also the issue of taxation and insurance - two of the hottest topics in the collaborative economy, which are under debate among journalists, academics, and experts. Some platforms offer insurance schemes, but you will probably have to follow the rules that apply to freelancers in your country as a freelance writer.

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