Write the Best Essay Outline to Grab Reader’s Attention

If getting a good grade for your essay is your top priority, then never start an essay without an outline. A well-structured piece of writing is impossible to craft if you do not have an outline as its foundation.

What is an outline?

An outline is basically a brief plan of your essay before you proceed to write. It includes the central idea and all the points you are going to elaborate on in your essay. You can certainly write an essay without an outline. However, it would be unorganized and frustrating to start without any framework in mind.

Why is an outline necessary?

Outlining an essay beforehand helps in organizing the ideas floating around in your mind. You can sort through them and sift out the most appropriate information. And there will be fewer chances of forgetting to include a point. The flow of the essay and the transition of one paragraph to another would be smooth and flawless.

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How to write a perfect outline

There are many types of academic essays that students are required to write. But the common structure among all consists of 5 paragraphs. The standard structure of an essay includes an introduction, body paragraphs that contain the arguments, and a conclusion. Therefore, your outline should have all these elements for it to be complete.

When creating an outline keep these components in mind to not miss any evidence, examples, or related points. Following are each of the elements explained in detail to help you outline accordingly:


It is the beginning paragraph where you mention your essay topic. A thesis statement is included at the end of the introduction. A thesis is the backbone of any essay. It sums up the issues you would be raising further on in the essay. It also determines your view on the topic. Thesis statements should be brief and precise to engage the reader’s attention. It is important to phrase them right in order to urge the reader to continue on.

Body paragraphs

A five-paragraph essay has 3 paragraphs dedicated for its main discussion points. Each of the paragraphs must begin with a topic sentence to determine which argument will be mentioned in it. It must also contain the facts, data, examples, and any other evidence needed to support your ideas.


It is the last paragraph where you neatly wrap up your essay. A summary of your concepts is all you need here. Do not include any new points. Finish up with a statement that ties up with the thesis to come full circle.

Students will find these tips immensely helpful to create an essay outline. For further help they can also contact essaymills for any academic writing support. We are a professional  UK based cheap thesis service that aims to helps students globally with any writing problems.     



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